Coastal Inspired Home Decor

Coastal Inspired Home Decor

Boho meets beachy meets beautiful.

Take coastal style, add a little bohemian influence, mix in some natural finishes and you have effortless styling.

A laid-back rooms offers an immediate sense of ease through its combination of neutral colors, natural fibers and vintage vibe.

Its about creating spaces with a relaxed feel inspired by the causal, cool lifestyle of the beach.

This decorating style also heavily influenced by the informal and eclectic nature of bohemian styling and takes design cues from boho fashion.

The idea is to have spaces that make you feel like you're on holiday at home.

Have an endless summer in your house all year.

This overall look is light and bright and creates an ambiance that is clean, airy, welcoming and very relaxed.

It's a desire to calm our interiors as our lives become busier.

Create beautiful rooms for less.

Creating your own beautiful rooms to enjoy at home doesn't need to be stressful or expensive.

By finding the right pieces at the right right price, you can refresh any space for less, no matter your style.

Be inspired by great products, great savings and delivery to your door.

Start creating your beautiful rooms for less today.

Perfect Partners

Use items in uplifting natural textures, such as linen, leather and canvas, and team these with indoor plants, handmade objects and your sentimental one-off pieces.

For hard surfaces, like tables, use timber, marble and metal and then follow through with softness by introducuing cushions, throws.

But always keep the mix eclectic to get the best results - that way the effect wont be pristine and perfect.

Create your own carefree haven and escape from the nine to five grind by bringing that beach house vibe and coastal chic aesthetic to your interior.

And you don't need to live by the water to embrace this light, bright and breezy design style.

While this style is amplified by living coastal, it is possible to achieve this feel anywhere!

Its about creating a subtle balance and linking it back to the natural surroundings to keep it feeling organic.

Coastal interiors conjure up memories of afternoon naps, casual walks, refreshing swims and family time .

And it isnt supposed to be precious, rather a relaxed, throw your shoes off and enjoy a calming sanctuary.

Coastal Cool is all about sophisticated, uncluttered and lends itself to summers but is still comfortable and cosy, so fits with winter as well.

Other good ideas are rattan baskets, wollen and jute rugs with knotted fringing.

Plenty of textured furnishings such as furry cushions and prints of striking plants, such as cactuses and palms, and animals, such as yaks.

Create spaces you love to spend time in. 

Help create your living spaces as unique as you are.

Often the most beautiful spaces in a home are those that which have a story to tell.

You dont need to live by the beach to enjoy the carefree styling that this theme offers.

Home Decor Ideas Inspired By Beach

How to find this style and create a space you love?

Try natural materials for decoration

Creating this look has the hallmarks of natural tones, textures, and materials like bamboo and sustainable timber.

Be inspired by muted hues found in nature, then inject brightness with items such as scatter cushions, throws or artworks, as these pieces are easy to update or move around for a refresh.

Colors to Create Your Beach Home Style   

Less predictable than cool blues and whites, try a scheme of sandy tones and every shade of driftwood imaginable.

Soft grays, warm whites and tans are good options for a base palette.


You could top those with bold pops of mustard, deep green or blue. Keep your color pairings "calm and comforting".

Team your palette with woven pieces and timber elements, a sense of cosy nest prevails.

Art Work Creates An Interesting Home


And don't forget artwork that reflects the colors of the coast.

This doesn't have to a cliched beach scene, but , rather, choose artwork or prints that reflect the colors of the beach, such as sandy hues and blue tones.

Capture the essence of peaceful natural escape with botanical prints.

Sprinkle your haven with flora and fauna for a little sunshine for year round warmth.

And what about Beach themes for decoration? 

And it is definitely OK to go with beach motifs such as anchors on cushions, the trick is not to go over board - to keep it from becoming a tad kitcsh.

If you are a bit nervous of the whole beachy references, take cues from the Hamptons style, which is elegant and sophisticated, and team traditional coastal shades, such as blues, with natural materials, such as timber, linen,can,bamboo, rope and textured finishes.

Make Your Home - Your Happy Place

Your home is your sanctuary, and this why it is so important to create a space you love to spend time, a space that breathes happiness.

Be bold, from abstract prints and floral influences to the use of color and texture, brighten up your decor and furniture.

Pushing boundaries

Houses are just houses until they have people living in them that reflects their personalities - so take  a few style risks.

This when a home's real personality starts to come out.

Let your inspiration come from nature.

Let your inspiration come from treasures you have collected to create a soulful character filled home.

Simply mix old with new, and let natural elements shine through.

Your home is your space to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Add some beach holiday vibes to your home with thematic hues that celebrate coastal life.

Inspiration for your home, anywhere, anytime.

Stuck in a style rut?

Whether it's time to start from scratch or simply refresh your existing spaces, here you will find inspiration.

Fun, relaxed and easy-breezy, that's what an inviting home is all about.

Keep your statement pieces but make over your look - take a cue from nature - your coastal self.

With decor tastes becoming more aligned with our environment, it's never been simpler to create a breezy sanctuary with all your everyday item

Most people are pretty busy, so it seems an obvious idea to try and find a more peaceful existence for your home.

Find inspiration to fit the down-to-earth, relaxed way of life.

Live with home style

It's time to be your own designer.

It isn't difficult to create your rooms extra special with beautiful accessories.

Timeless color and style achieves a glamours look for your living spaces.

Start by introducing some statement occasional pieces.

Opt for finishes such as glass or marble or brass details.

Add a touch of sophistication with a mix of fabrics - velvet, linen and even silk are all great options. 

Get some ideas HERE.

Complete the look with your favorite decorative objects and coffee table books - see HERE.

Whether you live by the sea, in the country or a big city, there are timeless decorating trends that will always suit our homes - such as coastal influenced details. 

Whether you live by the sea, in the country or a big city, there are timeless decorating trends that will always suit our homes - such as coastal influenced details. 

Fill your home with decorating pieces and accessories that look, feel, smell, and sound amazing.

Lighting in Your Beach House

Into the light

A good glow can transform any room for the better.

Lighting equals mood.

It's a simple equation, but one that's all too frequently ignored.

Lighting should be soft and low-level - never more than a 60W/800 lumen bulb, from well positioned floor lamps or table lamps.

There's a reason why everyone loves candle light.  It generates calm and contentment.

Bright Ideas

Cosy sanctuaries can be created with an angled desk lamp or a soft glow from the bedside table

Wood and bamboo furnishings for the home 

Into the woods

Timber, bamboo, is timeless and the latest bamboo home furnishings play up to its form, versatility and character beautifully.

Hunt down natural woods, organic shapes.

Organic textures add warmth and authenticity to create welcoming space with a laid-back sense of understated luxury.

Mix metal and raw timber that's beaming with personality.

See how HERE.

home office design tips to maximise your productivity and creativity

Rugs creating a Coastal home

Come home to rugs 

Redefine your spaces with texture, strength and beauty.

Whats underfoot can make or break your living space.

And there is nothing like the personality and warmth of rugs.

Channel that laid-back coastal style with these pieces.

Read HERE.

Natural selection

Earthen ware has character in spades.

It's raw, hand crafted appeal has the ability to instantly warm up the atmosphere. 

It's worth investing in an unique piece or two.

Natural wonders.

Organic timber, like bamboo, combined with woven textures, in cushions and throws, create a warm and rich palette.

Earthy textures and organic shapes give a traditional combination a modern touch.

Natural materials and design is especially suited to a relaxed, coastal aesthetic, achieved with layers of natural fibers. sets the bar high for beautiful and functional home elements. 

Keep your look light and bright, then add some warmth with natural materials - like bamboo.

Simply introduce washed blue tones, stoneware  and natural accents to bring the holiday style to your home.

Cultivate the cool, organic feel with subtle tones and natural textures which are the perfect foil for lashings of indoor greenery, which inject space with color and interest.

Find out more about indoor plants HERE.


Over-sized pendant lights
These large cloth pendant lights are the perfect choice for this kitchen with its high ceilings, and add to the drama and scale of the room.

Other choices for Coastal style spaces are metal, woven cane and ceramic.


Where's your happy place ? 

Dream it.

Love it.

Create it.

It's the extra little details that help to shape the home's individuality and personality.

It takes time and patience - all things individual take time - style cannot be bought or rushed.

Connect to nature.

Having a healthy home is a catalyst for your journey through life.

Find inspiration everywhere.

The beach, nature, travel.  

Organic timber, woven elements and textural linens combine to create a relaxed, beachy vibe.

The style of home embodies beach side living and a healthy attitude for a relaxed lifestyle.

Create an oasis with warm sunshine colors. 

Immerse yourself in nature and calming shades of green to sooth your soul. 

Create a haven with natural fibers, rattan, linen and an abundance of greenery.

The desire to live casual, relaxed and simply and a love for style creates the 

Style Seeker

When it comes to creating a vibe you dont have to makeover your entire house to make an impact.

It can be as simple as changing  a few key decorating pieces to completely transform the look, which can be done easily and on a budget.

A few simple pieces can change the look of a room and best of all, it can be done in a day !

Crisp whites meet natural textures and pops of color.

Create a cosy feel by including natural textiles such as soft sheepskin or knitted throws. SEE HERE.

Finally add some unique ceramics and fresh foliage in a beautiful vessel is the perfect way to tie everything together.


Products for your home and lifestyle.

Take inspiration from a relaxed nautical home.

The solutions you need for the home you've been dreaming of.

Home Time

Shopping for the home can be an overwhelming prospect.

Homewares stores are giant in number as well as size, so it can mean a lot of travelling around.

Thankfully, online shopping has made buying the perfect pieces easier than ever.

Not only can yu do your window shopping from the comfort of your lounge, but Beach Living & Style bring so many together in one place for you to browse.

So, you'll see a well curated selection of pieces to reflect the beach inspired lifestyle.

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Pure & Simple

Adopting minimalism in your home is still compatible with embracing a coastal inspired spaces. 

Minimalism is a timeless look that pares back to basics and cherishes  the things you love most.

As minimalism creates that much-sought-after simple existence, it is very on trend with the light breezy vibe of coastal styling.

Keeping your color palette neutral with blue accents for a true beach feel.

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Indoor palnts connect your indoor spaces to the garden beyond.

Top Tips for Coastal Cool Style

1. Surround yourself with things you love and make you feel happy and relaxed.

2. To add character and warmth, up cycle furniture pieces by sanding or painting them or use old materials on new items.

3. Add a touch of greenery, whether real or fake, in rustic-style woven baskets of varying sizes. Nature puts people at ease.

4. Keep your look eclectic so its more engaging. Don't go out and buy everything new in the same range.

5. Introduce elements of fun and surprise. Think vintage pieces like an old surfboard, vintage art.

6. Always have item/s that make you smile, brings back memories and is a talking point for guests.

Quirky coastal memorabilia 

Ramp up the coastal vibe by introducing elements that will add character.

like vintage style posters on the wall, but other choices could be old fishing or diving equipment,  try to choose authentic items to keep it from looking contrived or twee.


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